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Butterfly Surveys 31st May to 14th June

  At last there has been the odd day when temperatures have nudged towards 20C and in shelterd parts of the garden out of the chill wind the butterflies have appeared as if by magic. The Small Whites (Pieris rapae) … Continue reading

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4th June 2013- Biodiversity update and bumblebee survey

Today’s bumblebee survey was a complete contrast to the one we attempted last week in the grey, slightly drizzly, definitely windy conditions. Last week we succeeded in identifying two individuals bravely feeding on the Cotoneaster horizontalis on the kitchen drive- … Continue reading

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22nd May 2013 Butterfly surveying

A weekly transect through the garden, meadows and woodland is being undertaken between April and October in accordance with the method used by Butterfly Conservation. It take 1hr20mins to walk and collect the data. The results will be collated and … Continue reading

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24th April 2013- April Bumblebee Survey

Perfect sunny day for the first bumblebee transect of the year, with Nikki Gammans. The transect starts on the front path passing the meadow- currently with lots of native daffodils Narcissus pseudonarcissus, snakeshead fritillaries Fritillaria meleagris and some dog’s tooth … Continue reading

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