8th June 2013- A visit by the experts

On Saturday we were pleased to welcome back the group of entomologists who visited last October, and returned to carry out some more survey work on our meadows, woodland and compost heaps. This time the group included Peter Hodge, who is one of the top beetle experts in the country.


The day was bright and sunny, if a little on the windy side for recording. The group started looking at the compost heaps, some of our new areas of meadow and in 4 Acre Shaw before stopping for a leisurely picnic lunch and a catch up on the morning’s discoveries.

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??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We’ll have to wait for the results of careful study of specimens under the microscope before we can update our species lists but hopefully there will be some interesting discoveries.


The team (left to right): Peter Hodge, Greg Hitchcock, Tony Russell-Smith, David Carr, Mark Ritchie and Evan Jones


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I am the Education Officer at Great Dixter and get to do all sorts of fun things for a living..
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3 Responses to 8th June 2013- A visit by the experts

  1. Good read! We are doing work on our grassland areas at Bodnant Garden too. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

  2. Greg Hitchcock says:

    The chap second from left is Richard Price rather than Greg Hitchcock. Greg Hitchcock couldn’t make it on that occasion unfortunately!
    Best wishes,
    Greg Hitchcock

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